Landscape Lighting

This is a picture of a landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting and irrigation sprinkler systems are an unlikely marriage. They stand next to each other on the grass but they perform very different duties. Who new that they were part of the same family and that they can be provided by the same contractors? Who knew that they each occupied a different service section right here on this website by Charlotte Irrigation Systems in NC?

Well, we guess they are the same height, depending on which system you get and the do fall under the same umbrella mission: Keeping gardens and yards looking beautiful and stylish.

The Many Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are many benefits to landscape lighting not least the fact that they can add beauty to the surroundings. They are also great for security - think about it - burglars and criminals are far less likely to sneak into a property if there is a chance they will be lit up in plain sight. But, they are also great for your own personal security, or would it be better to say safety. Coming in home at a late hour, when you have perhaps had a little bit too much to drink, it is always good to have a bit of illumination to light your way.

These landscape lights are like the lighthouses of drunken stumblers, steering you away from things that will hurt you and also from your irrigation system, which you definitely don’t want to step on! Finally, they are able to be placed anywhere: front yard, backyard, garden path, driveway, patio and this means that the night can continue easily for longer than if you didn’t have them. What can you expect? Laughter, drinking, eating and merriment with friends way into the small hours, aided by these little smart bulbs.

Different Options

In this day and age it is very important to be conscious of how you are using energy and electricity wherever you can be. Therefore, all of our lights come with the option of being low-voltage or solar powered to avoid unnecessary power usage. Then, for the individuals who prefer the high-power and won’t take no for an answer, we have a great LED light series and we can install spotlights for you, too. Whatever you need basically, is something that we can provide.

Also, it should go without saying at this point that we always, always provide installation services for you, too! We are very proud to be able to offer this and we can do it for you everytime.

But, when it comes to the future, you’ll be very happy to know that we are also able to perform the very best maintenance and repair services for the landscape lighting services that we offer.

Whether you need new parts, replacement parts, the repair of individual lights, the whole system of you want to review our series, we are very, very happy to help you out. Please consider getting in touch today. We promise that you will not regret the decision one little bit!

Charlotte, NC