Irrigation Installation

This is a picture of an irrigation installation.

However there is a big difference between buying irrigation and installing it. This is another reason why it is important to pick a reputable company to do all your irrigation work. There are many places online and in the real world where you can buy irrigation equipment yourself. This is the option many people opt for. They see a piece of stock at a decent price and think that they can just buy it, attach it to the mains and stick it in the ground. The truth is a lot more complicated. That is why you should approach a local company who are able to offer a helping hand.

If you live in the Charlotte area, you are in luck because at Charlotte Irrigation Systems, we won’t just sell you equipment, we will be with you from point A to point Z. When you are finished with us, you will have a working irrigation in the ground, ready to go and we will be providing you with advice on how to maintain it.

Getting It Working

Anyone who has bought anything to do with appliances or furniture will know that it is never as simple to get it working as it says on the instructions. You buy a product, you take it home, you begin unpacking it and lay out all of the parts on the ground. Then, you try to visualize them all in your mind and try to work out how many of each part you have, how it should all fit together. Afterwards, once scrutinizing the instructions for the 10th time and losing some of the smaller parts, your impatience builds and you feel like forking out the money to get the supplier to just come and do it for you. That is how we feel anyway! Well, the good news is that we do not encourage that kind of process at Charlotte Irrigation Systems.

We are always happy to provide advice and give ongoing support with a product that we have supplied to you. It is in our nature to be helpful and we understand that not everyone is fully equipped to problem solve with new products that they have never seen before!

Our Process

If you have bought an irrigation system and you have been left scratching your head about how to get it working, or if you are in touch with us about sorting out an irrigation system for yourself through Charlotte Irrigation Systems, then you’ll be happy to know that we have a very straightforward process.

Initially, we have a conversation and we get your details down. We figure out together which irrigation system would work best for you, where it would be best placed on your land, what kind of time delay should there be etc. - all of the specs. Then we will organise an installation date and agree on costings and time frames. After that, we will come and get the job done in a speedy and efficient manner. Perfect!

Charlotte, NC