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Let Us Winterize To Help Your System Survive

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Winter is coming! Most people don’t consider Winter to be the hardest part of the year to get through. In fact, they think of all the hard work they put into the yard in the Summer months, the maintenance that needs to be carried out during Spring and then the cleaning and protecting that happens throughout Fall and they think to themselves happily that they got through the worst of it. Oh, how wrong they are! Winter is a very very important part of yard maintenance. In some ways, it is the most important part and we’re here to tell you why that is as well as how to make sure that your yard stays fully insulated and hydrated during those tough winter months. Just keep on reading below to find out more.

One of the first things that you need to learn is that the word ‘frost’ is the number one enemy. Watch out for frost in the mornings and listen out for it in the weather reports. Frost is the thing that can really get in and destroy your plants. When it comes to irrigation systems, unfortunately, plants are the least of our worries! Nope, frost and snow and anything that gets really cold is at considerable risk in these conditions and you need to know how to protect your system against it. Otherwise, there will be a lot of money going down the drain and a lot of hassle to deal with once the frost begins to subside.

Why Does Frost Matter?

Well, this is the key question isn't it. The answer is simple but alarming. There is often residual water in your PVC sprinkler pipes. If it is not fully and completely drained beforehand then that water will expand as it freezes and you are in danger of your pipes exploding or being distorted when the frost and the snow begins to thaw. Essentially... they will be ruined.

What Can You Do?

Step one: drain the irrigation system completely. You should be ready to go for the winter with no water left in your pipes at all because it will freeze. Step two: turn your system off completely. This is the best way to protect your programmed settings and the nuts and bolts that you will need later down the line. Also, it takes away the chance of the system trying to turn itself on, pressure and all, whilst there is frost on the ground which would make it overheat. Step three: insulate your system. This seems obvious but insulation is your best way to keep everything protected. What is the best way to do this? First and foremost having your pipes at a proper depth is the best way to insulate your system. You can also use any material that would be good for insulation such as plastic bags, foam insulation tape etc. You need to do this in particular with the expensive parts like the valves and the preventer.

The service we offer here is simple... advice. If you want to know exactly how to keep your irrigation system alive and well throughout the winter then you should book a slot and we will come over to see your set up and to help you defend it from the frost.