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This is a picture of a woman on the phone.

The reason we have such open roads of communication is twofold. Firstly, it is built into our DNA to be responsive and engaged. We have a team of experts so we might as well use them! We don’t see the point in making it any more difficult than it has to be for our new customers and treasured long-term clients to reach us. Even if it is just for some advice on a pre-existing irrigation system or about future maintenance, we are happy to listen and to provide some of our pearls of wisdom that we have learnt along the way. Secondly, we are so fed up with a world of instant communication that doesn’t actually serve the customer’s needs.

Trust us, we will only ever install irrigation systems and never an automated messaging system that makes it difficult for you to get in touch. So, with that being said, get in touch today to kick-start a great customer relationship.

However, we also understand that telephone calls are not always the best way to convey information. If you have a project for us or a concern that includes a lot of information, then an email can sometimes be preferable. If so, then rest assured that we have a dedicated team who are happy to answer emails.

Send us your problems and your specs and one of us will review what you have said and respond to you in a considered and informed way. So, what are you waiting for, get in touch today!

Charlotte, NC